MULTI-FAMILY PROJECTS.    Our specialty is providing the “green” certifications that developers/builders need to qualify their multi-family projects for Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC).  Since the Housing Corporations in different states specify different green programs for LIHTC points, we maintain the necessary credentials to deliver certifications under all of the national programs including the NGBS (National Green Building Standard) ICC 700, Enterprise Green Communities and ENERGY STAR® among others.   Naturally, we can also provide these certifications for market-rate projects that want to document the higher performance of their green features (enhanced indoor comfort, higher indoor air quality and lower utility bills) to support their future marketing strategy.  We provide these same services and certification for multi-home single-family projects aimed at obtaining Low Income Housing Tax Credits.

Working new and existing projects from Georgia to Texas to Missouri, we provide the inspections required for program certification and can also serve as Green Advisors to guide the builder/developer through the certification process while reducing their workload – minimizing the costs of green features, preparing the trades for success, managing the construction documentation process, etc.  During construction, we can provide the testing (e.g., whole-house leakage and leakage testing) required by the IBC (International Building Code).  Please contact Tim Hansen at tim@thegreenhomeadvantage.com or 318-210-4972 for a bid proposal on your next project.

COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS.    For new construction, we can guide the design process to deliver a building with higher performance (enhanced occupant comfort, lower energy needs and better durability) with little or no additional investment.  If desired, we can also certify the building under ENERGY STAR® or the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) program.


For existing commercial buildings, we provide industry standard ASHRAE Level II energy audits to assess, identify and evaluate the most cost-effective measures to lower energy costs and/or increase occupant comfort.  When applicable, we also qualify projects for state, city and/or utility rebate programs along with federal 179D tax deductions.


While we work new construction projects throughout the South, we typically only work existing commercial buildings within 100 miles of Shreveport, LA.  Please contact Raymond Crews at raymond@thegreenhomeadvantage.com to discuss your project.


SINGLE-FAMILY HOMES.    Prior to the start of construction on a new home, we can provide a home plans audit for owners who want their future home to be as healthy, comfortable, energy-efficient and durable as possible.  Using your home plans to create a detailed computer model of your future house, we can assess the impact of various design and construction strategies on projected annual energy costs and other key factors to determine the most cost-effective mix of green features that meet your needs without increasing your budget.

During construction, we can provide the testing (e.g., whole-house leakage and leakage testing) required by the IRC (International Residential Code) versions 2009, 2012 and 2015.  If desired, we can also certify the home under ENERGY STAR® or the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) program.


For existing homes, we offer a comprehensive home energy assessment (i.e., an energy “audit”) to pinpoint your most cost-effective energy upgrades and quantify the annual energy savings of each of these potential upgrades.  When applicable, we can also guide you through the qualification process  for city and/or utility rebate programs.

While we can perform a home plans audit for homes anytime in the United States, we normally restrict on-site IRC inspections and/or testing of new homes and energy audits of existing homes to those within 20 miles of Shreveport, LA.  Please contact Bruce Phillips at bruce@thegreenhomeadvantage.com to discuss your specific needs and receive a free price quote.

ABOUT US.    Based in Shreveport, LA, the RESNET- and BPI-certified specialists at The Green Home Advantage, LLC (TGHA) provide energy audits and energy ratings under a host of national green programs including NGBS, LEED and ENERGY STAR®.  TGHA consists of three energy raters who are retired USAF officers with collective undergraduate degrees in engineering, computer science and business.  We have been in the energy rating/auditing business since early 2008.  TGHA is certified by the US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business.